sports podiatry

The primary focus of Sports Podiatry is to see the way the foot interacts with the ground and to consider the loads or forces that the lower limb has to contend with during the impact of sporting activity.

Our sports clinic is designed for biomechanical assessments, gait analysis and manufacturing bespoke orthotic insoles. Whether you are a casual walker, new to sport or playing at a competitive level we are here to help. We use the latest technology to collect data such as video gait analysis, podosmart analysis insoles and muscle strength/flexibility testing. We use this data, together with our clinical knowledge to develop a plan to reduce your symptoms and keep you doing the activities you love!

Biomechanical Assessment

This assessment is great for those who wish to begin or return to activity and would like a full professional screening assessment to identify areas that may be under stress and reduce injury risk. A full history of symptoms will be taken and a lower limb assessment will be conducted which includes assessment of lower limb joints, gait analysis using podosmart and footwear assessment. This assessment may also benefit from a comprehensive muscle strength and flexibility assessment using latest technology to quantify muscle insufficiency and identify areas that may require improvement.   

Your treatment plan may include bespoke orthotic insoles, prefabricated insoles (additional cost) and/or a program to improve muscle efficiency. We have links with Physiotec and if a program is required we can email/text you a program to follow with helpful descriptive images and videos to guide you through your rehab. We have our own lab where bespoke insoles are made and we control the whole process form assessment to fitting.

PODOSmart® is the latest technology which allows us to accurately measure and analyze your walking profile and gait to refine your diagnosis..

Insoles placed in your shoes, you walk or run and insoles gather information about your gait. After a couple of minutes, data is transferred to computer for us to analyse and in addition to your assessments allows us to keep you moving in comfort. 

Start moving. Keep moving.

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