David offers a spectrum of treatments at affordable prices, including a wide range of orthotics and custom made insoles. He is registered with HCPC and can accept most insurance policies. We accept all major credit/debit cards.


Routine Appointment

up to 30 minutes
  • Routine appointment to identify any issues and conduct full treatment.

Hot Wax Therapy

  • Hot wax treatment used for hard skin, sore feet, arthritis and more

Nail Surgery

  • Corrective surgery to treat in grown toe nails and prevent re-occurrence.

Biomechanical Assessment

  • Assessment of muscles and joints, posture and force plate analysis.

Pre-formed Orthotic Insoles

  • A variety of pre-formed orthotic insoles to suit your foot type.

Bespoke Orthotic Insoles

  • High performance insoles made and fitted at your appointment.

Home Visits

  • Routine appointment for patients who prefer to be treated at home.

Nursing Home Visits

  • Full routine appointments for groups of nursing home residents.

David is registered with HCPC and is a member of The Society of Podiatrists


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