1: Biomechanical Assessment

A full history of your symptoms will be taken and your assessment will be personalised to your specific needs. This may include body posture and foot pressure analysis, lower joint examination, lower limb muscle strength and flexibility tests, gait analysis and footwear assessment. In some cases this will result in a program tailored for you to help overcome your issues.



2: Insole Selection

The correct size and type of insole will be selected to suit your needs. Our range of bespoke insoles include golf, cycling, running, football, rugby, walking and many more. Whatever your level of activity or footwear type the insoles will be designed and made just for you.





3: Casting Process

A cast of your foot will be produced in silicone bags with your foot positioned in a way to support and realign your lower limb. Your selected insole, now heated and flexible will be placed in your foot moulds and left to cool and set.




4: Fitting 

Some additional supports or modifications may be required now. The bespoke insoles will be shaved and fitted to your footwear and you can walk out with them on, getting to work straight away.



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