Biomechanical Issues

Treating any injury is not a simple process, David believes that when treating injuries there is a lot to consider. To determine any biomechanical issues, your assessment will include a full history of you and your symptoms, assessment of  the relevant joints, posture analysis, pinpoint any muscle weakness or tightness related to your complaint, foot pressure analysis and a treatment program will be tailored for you to follow. David’s sporting experience has seen him deal with a number of injuries personally over the years. Whatever your level activity, David is keen to combine his sporting experience and podiatric knowledge to keep you on your feet.

For some injuries, structural corrections may need to be considered and treated using orthotic insoles in addition to a stretching and strengthening program. If orthotic insoles are required then David can manufacture high performance bespoke insoles during your appointment using state of the art equipment and can tailor them to fit any type of footwear. Whether you need insoles for specific sports such as football, rugby, golf, cycling or simply for walking, David can find the right orthotic to suit your needs.

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